CaptainvOPS is a personal blog about virtualization maintained by Cory Barker.  It primarily focuses on VMware product line interaction, operations and automation. In addition to these topics, Cory also provides many tips for the various VMware products he has worked with over the years.



Cory is a Product Engineer III at Rackspace, in the VMware R&D Product Engineering group.  Experienced with VMware service providers, private and public based clouds, SDDC, IaaS, and DRaaS.  The topics in my blog primarily focus on the VMware product line interactions with VMware’s ESXi, vCenter/vCSA, vROps, vCD, NSX, vCAv, plus various flings, and works closely with VMware engineering to conduct infrastructure deep-dives and product enhancements.



The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and does not reflect the views and opinions of my employer, or official documentation where applicable.





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