Configuring vCloud Director 10 Part 1. Adding vSphere lookup Service and vCenter.

This is a continuation of deploying VMware Cloud Director 10. In my last post, I walked through deploying additional appliances for database high availability (here). Today we will add the vSphere lookup service and the vCenter.

Configuring the vSphere Lookup Service

Log into the vCD provider interface, and switch to the Administrator view by clicking the menu to the right of vCloud Director logo. Then under Settings on the right select vSphere Services.

After clicking the “REGISTER” link in the upper right, we’ll be able to add the lookup service URL link for the vCenter we’ll connect to a little later. Registering with vSphere Lookup Service enables vCloud Director to discover other services, and allows other services to discover this instance of vCloud Director.

Once all of your information is added, click the Register button. Watch the task for successful completion below.

Adding the vCenter

Click on the menu again to the right of vCloud Director logo, and select the vSphere Resources. On the top menu option to the right “vCenters”, click the Add button.

On page 1 of the wizard, fill in the required information for the vCenter. We already configured the lookup service, so we can leave that option selected here to provide the URL. Click next.

On page 2, add the information for the NSX-V appliance. Click Next.

Click finish, and then wait for the vCenter to connect and show a status of Normal.

Now that we have the vCenter connected, we can proceed to setting up and configuring the Provider Virtual Data Center (PVDC). This is required in order to make the vCenter resources such as compute and storage available to tenants. I’ll go over configuring the PVDC in the next blog.